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Social Media Management


Social media is now an essential part of your digital marketing - it's a MUST if you want to build your customer base.

If you've already given it a go, but realised it's taking up too much of your time or you are struggling with content ideas, then get in touch i'd love to help!


I will manage your social media account for you, creating posts for your business, responding to your customer queries on your behalf and of course grow your follower base.


Let me help you save time by managing your social media.

Scroll down for more information about all my social media services:

- Full social media management

- Social media templates

- Content calendars

- Targeted adverts

I can't wait to hear from you! I'm so passionate about social media and confident that I can help your business glow.


Full Social Media Management

This is my most popular package.


It is suitable for businesses who don't have time to post themselves, but also need the bespoke content to go with it.

What's Included:

- Social media content creation in the form of video, photography and graphics

- Choose between 3 posts or 5 posts per week.

- Monthly photoshoots 

- Caption copywriting

- Hashtag strategy 

- Instagram stories

- Instagram reels

- 24/7 contact

- Monthly analytics 

content calendar.png
Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 10.16.15.png

Content Calendar

A budget-friendly option. Suitable for those who would prefer to post themselves, but never know what to post.

I create bespoke content calendars to fill you with ideas each month, helping you to maintain your consistency online.

This image shows how a generic calendar will look. Yours will be written bespoke to your business.

What's Included:

- A bespoke content calendar for 1 x month.

If you need more then one month of content then get in touch to arrange your bespoke content calendar plan.

Social Media Templates

Suitable for those who are happy to post the content themselves but need a little help creating some consistent imagery. 


Fancy a social media glow up with bespoke branded templates suitable for your brand? This one is for you!

What's Included:

- Up to 10 social media grid templates

- Instagram highlight covers 

- Up to 10 Instagram story templates


Recent Work


Droitwich Direct had a successful re-brand with me which also included social media templates. Using the new branding I created 10+ editable templates which now looks consistent across their Instagram feed. 

This consistent branding across your social media platforms is important, so as your customers recognise that brand identity. Aesthetically pleasing designs can also help you to gain new followers as more people will like and engage with your images. You can see the difference from the old posts on the left, to now the new designs on the right.

As well as editable post templates, I also created Instagram story templates and Instagram reels highlight covers to match.

I worked with Primrose Hospice in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. This project involved full social media management.

We had an initial meeting to discuss important topics that they would like to post about online. This involved promoting their Christmas campaigns including 'Lights of love', and upcoming festive fundraising events which were really important to the charity.

For this, I created multiple heartfelt video's which accomplished an additional 1k+ followers in two months and extra charitable donations. 


An independent aesthetics company in Hereford contacted me regarding full social media management.

We worked together to create new social media templates to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. We also did a photoshoot in order to post more professional images of their products and services.

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